Paul Taylor
Nonprofit leader & anti-poverty activist
Paul M. Taylor is the Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto. FoodShare is the largest food security organization in Canada, with a budget of just under $7 million and over 100 staff.
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On June 23rd, I was chosen to be the federal NDP Candidate for Parkdale–High Park. Vote for me on October 21st, and as your new Member of Parliament, I will:

  • Advocate for A Green New Deal for All: a bold strategy to combat climate change in ways that prioritize racial and economic justice and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
  • Demand significant federal investment in the development of non-market social housing.
  • Push for a federal childcare strategy.
  • Insist on the electoral reform that ensures that every vote counts.
  • Advocate for the abolishment of post-secondary tuition fees and forgive all student loan debt.
  • Fight for Universal Pharmacare.
  • Continue my life’s work to end poverty, hunger, and homelessness in our communities.
  • Advocate for criminal justice reform that abandons Harper’s mandatory minimums.

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