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Paul Taylor
Nonprofit leader & anti-poverty activist
Paul M. Taylor is the Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto. FoodShare is the largest food security organization in Canada, with a budget of just under $7 million and over 100 staff.
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If chosen TODAY to be the NDP candidate for Parkdale—High Park, I will:

  • Advocate for A Green New Deal for All: a bold strategy to combat climate change in ways that prioritize racial and economic justice and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
  • Demand significant federal investment in the development of non-market social housing.
  • Push for a federal childcare strategy.
  • Insist on the electoral reform that ensures that every vote counts.
  • Advocate for the abolishment of post-secondary tuition fees and forgive all student loan debt.
  • Fight for Universal Pharmacare.
  • Continue my life’s work to end poverty, hunger, and homelessness in our communities.
  • Advocate for criminal justice reform that abandons Harper's mandatory minimums.

A letter from Paul

Dear Friends,

On June 23, you have the opportunity to nominate an NDP candidate who truly reflects the incredible energy of Parkdale–High Park.

This is a diverse riding. It is a dynamic riding. It is a scrappy riding. An innovative riding. And a riding where people look out for each other.

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A letter from Naomi Klein

I rarely get involved in electoral politics, especially nomination races. And I’m writing you now in a personal capacity, not representing any organization. But I believe it’s critical to get some people inside the political bubble who have strong ties to outside social movements, can hear the alarm bells ringing, and forthrightly reject incrementalism in favour of transformative politics.

I believe Paul Taylor has those qualities, and more.‍

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A letter from Michael Lewis

Over my decades of involvement with the NDP, I’ve seen the party develop in exciting new directions. And as NDP members, we’ve achieved many victories in pursuit of a more just, equitable, and inclusive Canada.

I’m now calling upon you to help build our movement by voting for Paul Taylor as your Federal NDP candidate in Parkdale–High Park at the nomination meeting on June 23.

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Support for Paul

The greatest challenges we face in this country aren’t climate change, growing inequality and the lack of decent jobs, they are cynicism, apathy, and the lack of hope. Paul Taylor gives me hope. He understands we need a Canada at the forefront of environmentalism and international human rights. He also understands that this is a critical election and a true progressive needs to win it. That’s why I support Paul Taylor.

Cheri DiNovo
Former MPP for Parkdale–High Park

Paul Taylor and the NDP have a different kind of vision. It’s a vision of a country that puts the priorities of individuals over corporations, centres the voices of marginalized communities, and understands that electoral politics is a critical tool for meaningful community engagement and national change.

Paul Taylor is the person that Parkdale–High Park needs to champion this vision in Parliament.

Click here to read Michael’s letter.

Michael Lewis
Former ONDP provincial secretary, former coordinator of political action at United Steelworkers (District 6), and longtime PHP resident

As an activist and community leader, my work has mostly been devoted to advancing Indigenous rights and advocating for environmental sustainability. Through his time at FoodShare, Paul Taylor has demonstrated that he is an active listener with a deep commitment to social justice that is present both in his words and actions. He has put Indigenous sovereignty and food justice at the centre of the conversations around how and where we access food, think about land, and protect our water. He is committed to building healthier communities, to creating a more equal society, and to transitioning to a greener future. I am so proud to support him in his nomination.

Crystal Sinclair
Indigenous Rights Activist, Founder of Idle No More Toronto
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