April Aliermo
Musician, Hooded Fand and Phèdre

I met Paul Taylor over 10 years ago, when we worked together at one of Canada's largest youth shelters. He started as a Manager and in short order became the Executive Director. He initiated a successful youth-driven catering company whose profits went right back to the shelter and in the pockets of the youth. His passion, sense of humour, and creativity were present in everything he was involved in.

Paul is a rare leader that thoughtfully cares, listens and learns from people that others often forget. He cares deeply about community and sees the big picture as well. Paul is committed to making Canada more livable for everyone. He's not only hardworking, but he is a visionary person of action, and makes tangible, effective changes for the better. I am so excited at the thought of having him, his voice, and all that he represents in Parliament. Especially in these times, we need him there.

Trish Garner
Anti-poverty activist

Paul Taylor is a wonderful, warm community leader who inspires everyone around him. His work within neighbourhood houses and with the local food bank changed the way they operate, which continues to have an impact on the people they serve.

From the first moment I met Paul, I was struck by his joy and passion. He meets hard social and political issues head-on, and continues to smile throughout. I was thrilled when Paul agreed to be the co-chair of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition. He is clearly committed to the struggles to end economic and racial injustice. He connects the dots between issues and people with his vision for a more just society for all, and we were so lucky to have him at the helm.

Paul is exceptional at empowering people and I have no doubt that he will inspire local leadership in Parkdale—High Park. With its different neighbourhoods, Parkdale—High Park needs the kind of bridge builder that Paul is. He will bring so much to this riding. When he moved back east, he left a big gap here, but our loss is Parkdale—High Park's gain.

Tim Vining
Human Rights Officer, PHP Resident

As a labour and community activist, I trust Paul's unwavering support for the $15 and Fairness campaign and other such initiatives.  Paul realizes that increasing the minimum wage and fair labour standards are part of the rising tide that will lift all boats in Parkdale—High Park.

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