I hope you’re as happy and proud as I am to see the incredible leaders and community activists that have been coming out to support my vision for Parkdale–High Park. Together they join the scores of people in the riding who’ve been telling us they’ve been waiting for a candidate whose life experience is closer to their own, and one who shares their desire to change the face of Parliament.

Wilburn Hayden
Professor Emeritus, York School of Social Work

Paul Taylor is a true community leader. He has an innate ability to bring people together, to honour their skills and contributions, and to inspire and support them as they stand up for their rights. His own advocacy calling for a higher minimum wage to combat growing food insecurity in Toronto, and the need to address and dismantle racism in the food movement, have led to vital change in the spaces he’s been a part of. He would make an excellent MP for Parkdale–High Park.

Victoria Marshall and Anthony Schein
Toronto NDP Activists

Paul Taylor is the real deal. He understands the diverse needs of Parkdale–High Park, and our city. Through his food-justice work, Paul has shown himself to be a champion for social democracy.

Paul will be a strong part of the Toronto NDP team.

Trish Garner
Anti-poverty Activist

Paul Taylor is a wonderful, warm community leader who inspires everyone around him. His work within neighbourhood houses and with the local food bank changed the way they operate, which continues to have an impact on the people they serve.

From the first moment I met Paul, I was struck by his joy and passion. He meets hard social and political issues head-on, and continues to smile throughout. I was thrilled when Paul agreed to be the co-chair of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition. He is clearly committed to the struggles to end economic and racial injustice. He connects the dots between issues and people with his vision for a more just society for all, and we were so lucky to have him at the helm.

Paul is exceptional at empowering people and, I have no doubt that he will inspire local leadership in Parkdale–High Park. With its different neighbourhoods, Parkdale–High Park needs the kind of bridge builder that Paul is. He will bring so much to this riding. When he moved back east, he left a big gap here, but our loss is Parkdale–High Park's gain.

Tola Ajao
Teacher, Parkdale Collegiate Institute

As a teacher at Parkdale Collegiate Institute, I’ve taught young people who have gone hungry. Politicians acknowledge that Canada’s 17% national average of childhood poverty is unacceptable, but few are actually prepared to do something about it. Fewer still recognize that racism and sexism, as well as other oppressions, ensure that the hungriest kids are from Indigenous, racial minority, immigrant and single-parent families. Paul Taylor knows this and he is the person to take this on. From his personal story to his activist work and his professional life, everything in his experience makes him the ideal champion for Parkdale’s youth in Ottawa!

Tim Vining
Human Rights Officer, PHP Resident

As a labour and community activist, I trust Paul’s unwavering support for the $15 and Fairness campaign and other such initiatives.  Paul realizes that increasing the minimum wage and fair labour standards are part of the rising tide that will lift all boats in Parkdale–High Park.

Therese Lulf
Downtown Eastside Resident, Vancouver

I am writing from a low-income and often troubled neighbourhood in Vancouver, where Paul has been actively moving amongst us and making us feel good about who we are and where we are.

Paul has the uncanny gift of energizing a mission with dignity and fun and humour, and all accompanied by that irresistible smile. Nothing looks like uphill work, nor does it look undoable. Fundraising, feeding us (and what a cook he is!) going to bat for us when we are tired or out of steam, was all done by Paul in a gracious, welcoming way. He cannot do less than give it his all.

When Paul left for Toronto, we were thrown in to a state of sadness. He is missed in a very profound way, and lives amongst us still. We are richer for Paul having been here, and are using his wisdom to our benefit in all our efforts here. We are following Paul in his exciting journey, and cheering him on to success!

Terry Burrell
NDP Activist and resident of PHP for over 40 years

Paul connects with people across our riding, both because he's enormously empathetic, and because he has the life experience that mirrors the riding’s diversity. He’s known poverty from the inside out, and he’s also known what it takes to be the Executive Director of a dynamic organization with a multi-million dollar budget. Paul is a leader who builds teams that attract participants and that excel in accomplishment. Paul can win for us in Parkdale–High Park. He will be an outstanding MP. We need him to be our candidate

Spencer Julien
PHP Federal Constituency Youth Council

Paul Taylor has the experience we need to lead the fight for a bold and just future. A principled leader, Paul has a deep understanding of the most pressing issues facing our community and our country, with a comprehensive vision about what to do. He understands the roots of injustice and has worked fervently to challenge them in all their forms. His example through action inspires me and I’m happy to support his campaign in Parkdale–High Park.

Simon Black
Labour Studies Professor and Resident of Parkdale-High Park

With the rise of precarious employment, increasing attacks on workers’ rights, and the growing divide between the super rich and the rest of us, we need to elect unapologetic champions for working people in Parkdale–High Park and beyond.

For Paul Taylor, solidarity is not just an abstract idea; it’s central to his vision of politics and community. That’s why I am proud to support him for the NDP nomination in Parkdale–High Park.

Sid Ryan
Past President Ontario Federation of Labour, Past President CUPE Ontario

Paul Taylor is a champion for working people, whose own life experience connects him deeply to the struggles of Canada’s new generation of workers. He is a passionate advocate for embedding social and racial justice into the fight for decent work. Moreover, Paul is a principled and inspiring leader who can deliver the fundamental change that the NDP stands for. I am proud to support his campaign for the Federal nomination in Parkdale–High Park.

Seth Klein
Public Policy Researcher, Writer, and Speaker

I got to know Paul when he lived in Vancouver. He replaced me as co-chair of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition. Paul was greatly liked and admired here in Vancouver. He had a stellar reputation as an executive director of two neighbourhood houses—as someone who could rally people and make them feel good, even as they undertook challenging work. He is a person of great integrity and compassion, with a deep commitment to social and environmental justice and exceptional leadership skills. He would make an outstanding MP.

Rosa Sundar-Maccagno
Youth Activist, PHP Resident

As a young activist, it is easy to get discouraged by the abundance of empty promises and regressive ideals in Canadian politics today. When I first met Paul Taylor, I liked how he listened and really tried to understand what mattered to me. Everyday, on the streets near my high school, I see the direct effects of government negligence towards food insecurity and mental health services. Learning about Paul’s life and work made it clear to me that he has committed himself to social justice. Paul shares my desire to make our community fairer for all those who live within it—not just those whose stories are familiar and palatable, but those who need support and resources. This is the first election in which I, along with my peers, will be voting, and the prospect of voting for a candidate who has a plan for change makes me excited to support Paul’s campaign in Parkdale–High Park.

Ric Amis
PHP Resident, Community Organizer

Paul Taylor is a person with a vision—one who leads by listening thoughtfully, thinks strategically, and has a history of translating  community concerns into direct action. He works effectively within established systems to mobilize allies and attract new supporters, while maintaining a commitment to social justice. I have full confidence in his capabilities to be a strong representative, organizer, and advocate for Parkdale–High Park.

Opal Sparks
Parkdale-Based Anti-Poverty Activist

Paul Taylor is a voice for marginalized people. I first met Paul when he was executive director of a homeless youth shelter. I was impressed with the way he looked out for our youth. He’s someone who will call out the colonialism, patriarchy, and racism in our systems, and bring together community members in Parkdale–High Park to offer new ways forward. We need to support strong community leaders like Paul. He’s someone with integrity, someone who will listen to our concerns and turn them into action. Paul will address and seek to solve problems we face. Go Paul!

Niki Ashton
Member of Parliament Churchill–Keewatinook Aski

Canada is at a crossroads. We are facing growing inequality and catastrophic climate change. This is the time for bold principled leadership. Paul Taylor is that leader.

Paul has the ability to inspire and mobilize. He has a proven track record of fighting for community and working in solidarity with the grassroots in the fight for social and environmental and economic justice.

A movement for fundamental change is building across this country and Paul Taylor is a key part of it. We need Paul Taylor’s voice and vision in Parliament.

Naomi Klein
Author, Social Activist, and Filmmaker

I rarely get involved in electoral politics, especially nomination races. And I’m doing this now in a personal capacity, not representing any organization. But I believe it’s critical to get some people inside the political bubble who have strong ties to outside social movements, can hear the alarm bells ringing, and forthrightly reject incrementalism in favour of transformative politics.

I believe Paul Taylor has those qualities, and more.

He knows the meaning of poverty and hunger, carries them with him from childhood. He knows what racism, white supremacy, and homophobia look like—and has been a champion in the fight against them. He understands the foundational priority of Indigenous leadership in the climate fight, and has articulated his vision of an inclusive Green New Deal that I find really exciting.

Click here to read Naomi’s letter.

Nadia and Diane Rajaram
Longtime PHP Residents and Activists

We are longtime residents of Parkdale–High Park, where we have been active with the Fight for $15 and Fairness, the Parkdale Rent Strike, Parkdale Community Legal Services, and the Parkdale Tenants Association.

Paul Taylor is a strong leader, community advocate, and a champion of social justice. He cares about issues that affect people who live here, like bad landlords, poor working conditions, and the rights of psychiatric survivors. He would do so much for this community, and we are excited to support him as he runs to represent us.

Michael Lewis
Former ONDP provincial secretary, former coordinator of political action at United Steelworkers (District 6), and longtime PHP resident

Paul Taylor and the NDP have a different kind of vision. It’s a vision of a country that puts the priorities of individuals over corporations, centres the voices of marginalized communities, and understands that electoral politics is a critical tool for meaningful community engagement and national change.

Paul Taylor is the person that Parkdale–High Park needs to champion this vision in Parliament.

Click here to read Michael’s letter.

Mae Nam
Federal NDP Candidate for Beaches–East York

I am pleased to endorse Paul Taylor. Paul would be an amazing representative for Parkdale–High Park, given his extensive experience in community organizing and activism. We’re at a critical moment, and it is vital that we have leaders who understand the struggles that everyday Canadians are facing alongside the challenge of the climate crisis. Paul’s politics and perspective are informed by his own lived experience and decades of advocating for marginalized people. He has the ability to relate to and inspire constituents, and would be a fantastic Member of Parliament.

Libby Davies
Former NDP Deputy Leader and MP 1997-2015

Paul Taylor is exactly where the NDP needs to be. He connects a bold vision for our country with a strong sense of responsibility and connection to the community. Paul is a creative and dynamic leader who can represent the diversity of Parkdale–High Park community. I am proud to support him in his campaign for the federal NDP nomination in Parkdale–High Park.

Kate Fane
PHP NDP Federal President

Paul speaks to the concerns of all us in Parkdale–High Park, whether it’s our urgent need for affordable housing, our desire for a just and equitable economy, or our anxieties about our rapidly changing climate. Not only does he deeply understand these issues, he has the vision and experience to find effective solutions, and to unite people from across the riding in fighting for them.

Instead of politics as usual, Paul Taylor offers up a powerful example of the strength of inclusive community organizing. I am incredibly proud to work with Paul Taylor in his nomination to be the federal candidate in Parkdale–High Park.

Joshna Maharaj
Chef and Activist

What I have always appreciated about Paul Taylor is his deep understanding of the critical role that food plays in nurturing people’s lives. He gets that community organizing is both simple and complex at the same time, and is so skilled at navigating both paths to keep moving forward. Paul also has a keen sense about giving a voice to issues that don’t get enough airtime, and he is unafraid to build that space himself. He knows that systems and policies don’t actually work unless they work for everybody.

Paul is a trusted ally and dear friend, and exactly the right person to represent a community as diverse and engaged as Parkdale–High Park.

Jean Swanson
Vancouver City Councilor, Anti-poverty and Social Justice activist

I’ve known Paul as a strong advocate for low-income people through his work at two Vancouver neighbourhood houses and with the Raise the Rates coalition. With Ford in power in Ontario, it’s more important than ever to have people like Paul in Parliament to stick up for working and low-income people.

Graham Riches
Professor Emeritus and former Director, School of Social Work, UBC

I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Taylor for the NDP nomination for Parkdale–High Park. We have become firm friends and allies seeking to change the conversation about poverty and domestic hunger from one of charity to one of human rights. Paul’s ability to relate to folks from everywhere, his sense of humour, his optimism, and his articulate leadership stamp him out as the kind of politician we need in Parliament.

Gord Perks
City Councillor, Parkdale–High Park

Paul Taylor has the insight, integrity, and conviction that’s desperately needed in our current political culture.

His work as a non-profit leader and anti-poverty activist has demonstrated his commitment to thoughtful community engagement, and the results have been extraordinary. I’m proud to support Paul Taylor’s campaign in Parkdale–Highpark and his vision for a more just society. I hope you join me.

Ellen Woodsworth
Founder and Co-chairperson of Women Transforming Cities International

I support Paul Taylor for the NDP nomination for MP in the riding of Parkdale–High Park. I grew up in the High Park area, and I know it well.

I first met Paul while I was an organizer in the DTES of Vancouver. When I was a Vancouver City Councillor, I got to know him better as the Executive Director of Gordon Neighbourhood House. I think he would make an excellent MP for the people of this riding. He listens, he speaks out, and he acts for social justice and economic equality. Vote for Paul Taylor and have a strong principled voice in Ottawa.

Debbie Douglas
Executive Director of the OCASI

Paul Taylor is a champion of community empowerment. He has a demonstrated commitment to working in partnership with individuals and communities pushed to the margins of our society. Paul’s leadership in developing sustainable responses on a myriad of issues from food (in)security to promoting inclusive social movements makes him an excellent choice as the NDP nominee of Parkdale–High Park.

Crystal Sinclair
Indigenous Rights Activist, Founder of Idle No More Toronto

As an activist and community leader, my work has mostly been devoted to advancing Indigenous rights and advocating for environmental sustainability. Through his time at FoodShare, Paul Taylor has demonstrated that he is an active listener with a deep commitment to social justice that is present both in his words and actions. He has put Indigenous sovereignty and food justice at the centre of the conversations around how and where we access food, think about land, and protect our water. He is committed to building healthier communities, to creating a more equal society, and to transitioning to a greener future. I am so proud to support him in his nomination.

Chris Watson
Former NDP National Director, Government Relations for CUPE, and PHP Resident

As a longtime Parkdale–High Park resident, NDP member and a trade unionist, I’m pleased to support Paul Taylor in his federal nomination campaign. In Paul, I see an inspiring organizer with a compelling personal story.  He draws upon his own lived experience and translates it into to a bold political vision for Canada. With Paul as our candidate, I am confident we will win this riding back for the NDP, and that he will be a strong and outspoken voice in Parliament.

Cheri DiNovo
Former MPP for Parkdale–High Park

The greatest challenges we face in this country aren’t climate change, growing inequality and the lack of decent jobs, they are cynicism, apathy, and the lack of hope. Paul Taylor gives me hope. He understands we need a Canada at the forefront of environmentalism and international human rights. He also understands that this is a critical election and a true progressive needs to win it. That’s why I support Paul Taylor.

Charlotte Gick
PHP Provincial President

As a longtime riding resident and NDP activist, I am thrilled to support Paul Taylor as he seeks the federal nomination in Parkdale–High Park. Paul is a thoughtful and energizing leader with an innate ability to engage and inspire folks from all walks of life. Drawing from his own lived experience, his immense professional expertise, and his decades of social justice activism, Paul has the capacity to mobilize people in Parkdale–High Park to create the change we need. I know that Paul will accomplish so much for us, both in Parliament and locally in the constituency office. He'll be a true champion for Parkdale–High Park.

Cathy Crowe
Street Nurse

I am encouraged that Paul Taylor—with such a strong background in work on homelessness, poverty, food security—is running for the NDP nomination. His skills in how to stay connected to community is a precious skill for a Member of Parliament.

Ben West
PHP resident and Climate Justice Activist

It's rare that you find someone like Paul Taylor that gives you real hope in our troubled times. I'm excited about the idea of Paul representing us in Parliament because he has the ability to turn complex issues into meaningful solutions that make sense in our day-to-day lives. Paul has the courage to push for a bold vision for change that is inclusive, innovative, and compassionate. We need more transformative people like Paul in elected office who ignite passion and build movements with their infectious drive for justice, equity, and ecological literacy.

We all are very lucky to have Paul Taylor stepping forward, now let's all rise to the occasion and do everything we can to support him and work with him to help us all in Canada and in our Parkdale–High Park community be as great as we can be.

April Aliermo
Musician, Hooded Fand and Phèdre

I met Paul Taylor over 10 years ago, when we worked together at one of Canada’s largest youth shelters. He started as a Manager and in short order became the Executive Director. He initiated a successful youth-driven catering company, whose profits went right back to the shelter and in the pockets of the youth. His passion, sense of humour, and creativity were present in everything he was involved in.

Paul is a rare leader that thoughtfully cares, listens, and learns from people that others often forget. He cares deeply about community and sees the big picture as well. Paul is committed to making Canada more livable for everyone. He’s not only hardworking, but he is a visionary person of action, and makes tangible, effective changes for the better. I am so excited at the thought of having him, his voice, and all that he represents in Parliament. Especially in these times, we need him there.

Angela Elzingacheng
PHP resident, Non-profit Leader

Paul is an advocate and a leader who listens deeply, engages meaningfully, and work strategically.

The forces that are moving against us—like climate change and the rising costs of childcare, housing, and food—require bold action, and it’s vital that we support a candidate whose values align with social, racial, and economic justice and Indigenous Reconciliation.

Paul has translated his own integral lived experience into successful action on these issues, and he’s demonstrated that he has the skills to make Parkdale–High Park a better place to live and to raise a family for all people.

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