Therese Lulf
Downtown Eastside Resident

I am writing from a low-income and often troubled neighbourhood in Vancouver, where Paul has been actively moving amongst us and making us feel good about who we are and where we are.

Paul has the uncanny gift of energizing a mission with dignity and fun and humour, and all accompanied by that irresistible smile. Nothing looks like uphill work, nor does it look undoable. Fundraising, feeding us—and what a cook he is!—going to bat for us when we are tired or out of steam, was all done by Paul in a gracious, welcoming way. He cannot do less than give it his all.

When Paul left for Toronto, we were thrown in to a state of sadness. He is missed in a very profound way, and lives amongst us still. We are richer for Paul having been here, and are using his wisdom to our benefit in all our efforts here. We are following Paul in his exciting journey, and cheering him on to success!

Spencer Julien
PHP Federal Constituency Youth Council

Paul Taylor has the experience we need to lead the fight for a bold and just future. A principled leader, Paul has a deep understanding of the most pressing issues facing our community and our country, with a comprehensive vision about what to do. He understands the roots of injustice and has worked fervently to challenge them in all their forms. His example through action inspires me and I’m happy to support his campaign in Parkdale—High Park.

Rosa Sundar-Maccagno
Youth Activist, PHP Resident

As a young activist, it is easy to get discouraged by the abundance of empty promises and regressive ideals in Canadian politics today. When I first met Paul Taylor, I liked how he listened and really tried to understand what mattered to me. Everyday, on the streets near my high school, I see the direct effects of government negligence towards food insecurity and mental health services. Learning about Paul’s life and work made it clear to me that he has committed himself to social justice. Paul shares my desire to make our community fairer for all those who live within it, not just those whose stories are familiar and palatable, but those who need support and resources. This is the first election in which I, along with my peers, will be voting, and the prospect of voting for a candidate who has a plan for change makes me excited to support Paul’s campaign in Parkdale—High Park.

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