Michael Lewis
Former ONDP provincial secretary, former coordinator of political action at United Steelworkers (District 6), and longtime PHP resident

A letter from Michael Lewis

Dear Neighbours,

Over my decades of involvement with the NDP, I’ve seen the party develop in exciting new directions. And as NDP members, we’ve achieved many victories in pursuit of a more just, equitable, and inclusive Canada.

I’m now calling upon you to help build our movement by voting for Paul Taylor as your Federal NDP candidate in Parkdale–High Park at the nomination meeting on June 23.

Paul is an acclaimed community leader and anti-poverty activist, with a prolific career in the nonprofit sector. He’s been a vital voice around issues of social and racial justice, decent work and a living wage, environmental protection, Indigenous sovereignty and food security—and he has used this powerful voice to create lasting change.

The election in October is a critical one. Canadians will be presented with distinct visions for their country. The Liberals offer the status quo: Indigenous communities without clean drinking water, an unbalanced electoral system that privileges existing power, and flagrant corporate handouts. The Conservatives have a platform which rejects evidence-based policy on climate change, peddles in anti-immigrant rhetoric, and presents a dangerous austerity agenda that will further dismantle our social safety net.

Paul Taylor and the NDP have a different kind of vision. It’s a vision of a country that puts the priorities of individuals over corporations, centres the voices of marginalized communities, and understands that electoral politics is a critical tool for meaningful community engagement and national change.

Paul Taylor is the person that Parkdale–High Park needs to champion this vision in Parliament.

On June 23rd, please join me in supporting Paul Taylor for our Federal NDP candidate in Parkdale–High Park.

Michael Lewis

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